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This animation is one of the first story animations I did in school. The story follows the journey of a counter gremlin named fuzzball exploring a new territory Unfortunately, after playing with a pop-it, Fuzzball soon discovers that a pop-it eventually has to pop back up. Injured Fuzzbal does the only thing he knows how to do... Pout

The last animation project I completed was an ad bumper for a made-up organization called HBN—The Human Broadcasting Network. It follows fellow human watchers Ava and Boe experiencing human football and just how weird we humans can be. This was my first animation where I attempted a slide sequence, talking characters, and multiple transitions so it was a tough process. In the end, knowing my skills at the start of the semester (being next to none) I am proud of how it turned out and hope to further develop my skills.

A special thank you goes to my Voice actors: Elizabeth Lee, and Mustafa Maykhan 

Origional Storyboard Sketch By: Carissa Nichols 

Origional Animatic By: Carissa Nichols 

First Character Sketches By: Carissa Nichols 

Pen, Pencil, and Charcoal 

Digital Drawings

Photo Bombed!