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*I am a college student so I am unable to complete too many projects at one time (logos, marketing, graphic design), photo editing is more flexible. Each project will vary by the time required to complete it. The amount of time it takes for each service depends on what the customer is wanting and/or is needing to be done. I can give an estimated time that it will be completed, I will do my best to stick to the project deadline that we agree to. If the project is needed quickly, please let me know, I am sure we can work something out*



Services include Removal of unwanted objects or people, additions, lighting alterations, teeth whitening, added effects, recolor, and any additional services needed. Edited to your satisfaction so reliable communication needs to be established. Will send constant updates to ensure editing satisfaction is met.   Prices vary upon services needed as well as the number of photos. Fill out the contact sheet for

more details.


This particular service will take the most amount of time due to experimentation and creation. Right now I am only doing 2d designs, simple shapes (i.e) cubes and boxes. Not accepting unique styling requests except for the designs presented on the box. Right now I can also only provide small quantities due to limited supplies and funding, but I will provide a product test and the blueprints. Fill out the contact form and a meeting will be set for a consultation and brainstorming.


Graphic Design Services include Mockups, Instagram posts, stickers, vinyl stickers, and other Marketing services for business needs. Designing stickers takes time and experimentation as I am still learning my machine. In regards to marketing, I need to know exactly what kind of marketing you are looking for, product promotion, social media, etc. Prices vary in complexity, quantity, size, and time. Constant communication will be established to ensure the design is satisfactory to fit your needs. 


Skills are still improving in this area so constant communication will be needed and timely updates will be given. Logo prices vary on what it will be used for, its complexity, and how much branding you are using it for. Ex) if your logo needs extra branding services (mockups, package design, large business use) the price will significantly increase. If it is just a logo used for personal reasons (signature, sticker on products, small businesses) then the price will be less. Fill out the contact form and a meeting will be set to discuss what you are looking for and we will begin brainstorming ideas.


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